Saturday, July 22, 2006

States Of Fear

One of many themes that has kind of run through this corner of the progressive blogosphere is that Bush and his allies in the "Sheepdog Media"(AM-Radio, FOX News, etc) have managed to create a climate of fear, as well as perhaps trying to create a perpetual "state of war", much like the Cold War that may have spawned much of this current "War On Terror".

Well recent events between Israel and Lebanon have me wondering if perhaps Bush and the American Right may have decided to "borrow" tactics from Israel. While the "Sheepdog Media" tends to underplay how many of Israel's tactics may only help fuel the fires of terror there and among it's neighbors; for instance firing rockets in response to the kidnapping of soldiers. The [Progressive] "Alternative" press, especially The Nation has done an excellent job bringing this "buried" issue to light.

And this should surprise no one who can think beyond what the CEO-controlled mass media wants them to swallow. As both countries right wings are rooted in fundamentalism. In Israel's case it is Zionism, which I do see as a form of fundamentalist Judaism.

In the US, it's a bit more unique. I belive much of our policy towards Israel and the Middle East is based not only on our demand for oil, but on an "End Times" based view of Christianity, yes the Left Behind crowd again. Now never mind that these people will likely have America looking like Handmaid's Tale should they be allowed to have thier way (and it's only through the efforts of groups like the ACLU, People For The American Way, American's United, etc, that thier efforts are being thwarted).

But both states are using a tactic of provoking their enemies to attack and then using those attacks to ramp up a "fear machine", this keeps enough of the "Flocks" scared and makes it easier to demonize opponents of the policies.

So what more people in both States need to do is simply ask; "Do those in power really WANT this to end", and make electoral decision based on that question.