Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fear of Freedom?

230 years ago, a group of citizens, tired of being occupied by a foreign power, declared their independence. Now while thier populist credentials could be challenged, they later remembered that their new nation had been founded on an act of dissent and made sure that these rights were explicitly stated.

These "Rights of Dissent"; Press, Speech, Expression and Assembly, now though are seen as many "Patriots" as downright treasonous.

The main one of these rights that I see as many seeing as being "dangerous" is assembly. One need only look at the way many people see the demonstrations, etc against the war and the current leadership. The way that early anti-war rallies were portrayed as little more than gatherings of Communists may have set the tone for the way many in the "BushFlock" view those who oppose war and empire.

Speech and expression are two other ones that too many see as threats. The way so many criticize anyone who dares question Bush shows how well Bush has wrapped too many Americans in a web of fear. When a mother whose son paid the ultimate price is almost crucified by AM-Radio and pro-war pundits and publications, or when any Congressperson who dares ask for a timetable for withdrawal is accused of advocating "Cutting and Running", the power of this little web is clear.

Finally the press, now in recent years we have seen the mainstream media become more and more consolidated, and thus dissenting views find it harder and harder to be heard. But the internet may be changing this, a look at the media sites linked here should be evidence of how [progressive] alternative news organizations are harnessing this new media outlet.

I'm one who believes that if one doesn't exercise something, it atropies. Bush and his media "Sheepdogs" have managed to convince too many Americans that thier "rights of dissent" are either not worth exercising or somehow a threat.

If only the first "King George" had been able to do this 230 years ago.

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