Sunday, September 10, 2006

Less We Remember

When Al Gore's global warming documentary Inconvenient Truth came out, I asked a few folks on another message board about a "Flock-umentary". This was to be a documentary targeted at the "BushFlock".

ABC may have provided the "Swill" with thier piece, which is likely but one part of a series of programs based around the five-year anniversary of the attacks of 9-11.

It's really about all the Republican's can run on is a campaign of "Never Forget", but perhaps there's also a bit of "Never Remember".

You see, the GOP and their media allies have managed to pretty much keep the fact that much of this "war on terror" is "blowback" from the Cold War. The mujahudien that Ronald Reagan backed would become the Taliban, our dealings with Iraq and Iran would create two threats, and giving Israel a "free pass" would allow conflicts there to fester.

Of course, they've also basically forgotten about those truly responsible for 9-11, instead choosing to pursuse desires for a Middle East oil empire. And have instead of lessening global terror, increased it (of course, that may be a way to keep the "Fear Machine" running).

But as long as the "Sheepdog" media can keep the "Flock" in line, everythings fine.