Friday, June 09, 2006

Bulletproof Ideas

Behind this mask is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof

V For Vendatta

I got up yesterday morning to see this on a message board. On another message board the "BushFlock" were bleating with delight at the news.

But reading the article itself made me realize that this may not be the victory that Bush and his media "Sheepdogs" make it out to be.

The article itself refers to him as a "Figurehead", a symbol of sorts. He was no mastermind nor a commander. He was likley just a point that millions of disaffected and disillusioned Iraqis could rally around, and there are probably others that exist. Especially since Iraq is still occupied and many still lack basic services.

Of course, then there's the basic fact that we aren't dealing with a traditional army. I've read several articles that explain that the insurgency is more of a "leaderless resistance", common to insurgent groups of any sort. Of course, recent events may prove why such an approach is necessary. Likely someone will fill the void or the followers will find other leaders, join the local insugency, or perhaps make a living as mercenaries, etc.

Then there's the basic fact that Bush's policies are the best tool any insurgent needs to recruit, and that's likely not going to change unless America makes some changes starting in November.

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