Saturday, September 17, 2005

Journey of Justice

September 10th 2001 ended as any other day did. I was working on a web page for my Alma Mater's star QB and went to bed saying "All I need to do now is update the first two games".

Now I remember the next day was a kind of blur--I know I e-mailed everyone I could think of and was relieved to see that all were OK. That night I went to bed saying an ancient Chinese curse "May we live in interesting times".

I was still on edge for a few days, but when I heard Bush speaking of an "Axis of Evil", I felt the chill of a new "Cold War".

That Saturday, while on a river cleanup sponsored by the local Sierra Club, I figured out what I needed to do. The next day, I brought the page for the football player down and put up the first version of "The Next War"

Over the next year, the site kept changing and even suspeneded operations for a few months. I also kept my opposition to myself, in October of 2002 though, I brought the site up as a 'Blog. I also made my first public action.

From there I guess I realized I was "in for a pound"; I would journey to Washington DC, attend a teach-in at York College, make a clandestine pilgrimage to Kent State, marched on the RNC. I've also done several vigils in Harrisburg PA, and marched through York PA.

I've also met some wonderful people; Naed, who looks like he should either be in a cabin on a mountain side or facing "The Game" in the Ring, Zach and Ashely, a young husband and wife activist tandem, and many other people.

There've also been some changes in my life in the last four years. I became an uncle, lost my job and my grandma, nearly went home, had to buy two cars, and re-entered the workforce.

There will be one constant though, as long as America is under the power of Neo-Imperialists, I will be here to provide the information that those in power don't want us to know about.

I figure that as long as this lasts, so can I.

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