Monday, October 21, 2002

Welcome Aboard

Greetings and welcome to "The Next War". Think of this site as a "Weapon of mass instruction", a place where information and ideas of interest to the growing anti-war community can be exchanged.

This "War on Terror" has proved a bit problematic for the anti-war movement and its allies in the anti-
corporate movement. The fact that there was an actual attack on US soil created the problem of a response being necessary, but created a debate over what response. There were efforts made to bring the US' role in creating the environment that spawned the Taliban to light and to bring the attacks on civil liberties here in the US to light.

However, it soon became apparent that this "War on terror" may be an attempt to start a new "Cold War", or rebuild the idea of an American empire. This has provided the anti-war movement with opportunities to
challenge the Bush Doctrine. Though the war machine did post a win in scaring Congress into abdicating its authority to declare war to Bush, there was resistance from the movement.

I hope that you'll take the time to read the news and commentary here, and maybe even join the blog and add your voice.

Well--here goes nothing!