Sunday, March 20, 2005

Another Year Passes

Well this weekend marks the anniversary of the Iraq invasion. As a sign I carried this weekend said: "2 Years, 1500+ Dead, $156 Billion, 0 WMD's".

Yes I spent a chunk of Friday at what's beginning to me to seem like Harrisburg PA's "Democracy Corner". It's a traffic island near a shopping center and basically on a major thorofare. I think it went well, we had about 20 or so people. I guess being one of the few nice days we've had kinda helps a bit.

Saturday, I'd like to think we made a strike in the heart of "Enemy Territory". York PA; with a Caterpillar plant, a Prison where "Terror Suspects" are held, and a general "Red" outlook, was the site of a march and "speak out".

This event began at a Unitarian-Universalist church and attracted about 90 or so people. We marched through some of the poorest sections of York and ended in the middle of downtown York.

There we began by reading the names of those who have died in Iraq in just the last three months. I then contributed some of my poetic works; Democracy In The Streets, a work dedicated to those who chose to stand against Bush and his empire, and How Many More, a look at the "human toll" of this war.

What was weirder was that after this--I went to church! I had an inventory to do today (went well--I think). And I wondered again how many Christians have forsaken their "Prince Of Peace" for an avatar of a god of war.

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