Monday, November 15, 2004

Weekend Update

Memorials To The Fallen

Saturday I was supposed to visit my Brother and my new Nephew, alas, my Brother's wife had what sounded like some minor complications that kind of put her on the sidelines.

So my Aunt, a friend of hers and I headed out to Washington DC. We saw the new Native American Museum, and visited the memorials to veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Weird that an avowed opponent of imperial wars would wish to visit memorials to the fallen. The visit to the wall was a need perhaps to align the karmic scales, as I visited the memorial to the Kent State students over Easter.

But I can't but wonder what the memorial to Bush's war will look like, and if this war will ever end. Only if we can get people in power that are committed to peace and working within the world.

And this is why I 'blog. To try and make such a world possible.

Almost There

I still have some preliminary work to do with the databases for "New Patriot". I may just do a kind of marathon session Sunday, since I don't have any inventories to do.

Back to Normal

I should be able to resume updating this site with the kind of content that you're all familar with this week, and keep it up at least until after Christmas.

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