Wednesday, November 10, 2004


On The Hunt

The fact that I haven't been updating this often is actually a good sign. I've had inventories to do and a lot of job leads to follow up on. I have an interview with Chocolate World in Hershey, sent out an application for a computer job in Gettysburg and will likely be spending part of tonight working on cover letters and resumes for a few jobs I saw in the local paper.

FNB Watch

The meeting of the local Food Not Bombs went well. We have picked up a former Kerry volunteer, complete with lists, etc. We also seem to be looking at getting more involved with the community we literally serve in. Which is good because they're the people who will be taking the brunt of the new Bush regime.


No--not a new punk/techno band. A kind of designation for Inaguration Day. The person who usually sets up bus trips is out of town, but I'm gonna see if I can find a bus leaving from Lancaster, York, State College or even Philly and see if I can get others to join me. We'll either rent a van or just do a caravan.

New Patriot

I can be an idiot sometimes with the computer. I didn't realize that the updated MySql starts its server when you start it. Now all I need to do is set up a root user, make sure Apache and PHP still talk to it, and I can at least start the database end of this "resistance portal". I still need to buy that Flash program I saw as I have a new trailer and maybe one that focuses on the courts.

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