Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Daily Report

I'm Back

Well, I should be able to resume the regular posts of news about this "War On Terror" that Bush and his media sheepdogs don't really want the people of this country to know.

Barring some holiday time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, I should be able to update this page on a daily basis.

Laying The Foundation

After a few false starts, I have MySql installed on my computer and can at least start setting up the database that will become the base of "New Patriot". Then all I need to do is maybe modify the config files for Apache and PHP and can start developing this "Resistance Portal".

I also may be able to purchase the Flash generation program I tried and liked.

Children Pay Price Of Invasion

Al-Jazeera reports of the youngest victims of the US Invasion.

Anyone Feel A Draft

The Brownsville Herald reports that the Selective Service and Department of Education are gearing up to make sure that all young men who were required to register with Selective Service have done so.

Four More Years? Maybe Not

The Syndey Morning Herald reports that Peace Prize Nominee, and Environmental and Anti-Nuclear Activist Helen Caldicott believes Bush's re-election will lead to Armageddon.

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