Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sunday Special

Well, plans for the march are basically set. I bought the shirt I plan to wear:

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and the check for the bus has arrived with the group.

There are a few small snags though. Mayor Bloomburg has decided to knuckle under to Bush and his handlers and deny (for now) the protestors the right to stage a rally in Central Park, and I can't use my aunts house as a staging area. I may try and see if I can't at least stay over Sunday night.

I also had something odd happen to me at my aikido class yesterday. One of the other students asked who my car belonged to, not knowing it was mine. I liked the anti-war and anti-Bush stickers I have. After class I explained that I've tried to keep my opinions on the War and Bush to myself.

I guess I'm scared that if my opinions get out into the open, that I'll either be thrown out or find myself under a microscope and be forced out that way. But on the other hand, I don't see why my opposition to the current policy is incompatible with studies of the martial arts. Especially a defensive art like aikido.

Afghanistan was justified, though most of the hijakckers were Saudi (and I'm sure once I listen to House Of Bush--House Of Saud I'll understand why a bit more). We were attacked and we reprised that attack.

It was when Bush decided to turn that into a new "Cold War", forgetting that much of the current situation may be "Blowback" from the first "Cold War", or an attempt to establish an American empire that I saw a need to launch this site. The lies that Bush has used to scare so much of this country and Congress only makes things worse.

Of course, the fact that I'm a bit afraid to make my opposition more public may show that this "Climate of fear" that Bush, and the [corporate] media has created.

I guess I'm gonna take a cue though from the dojo I study at myself. We have an entrance way where we remove our shoes. I guess what I can do is leave my opinions about Bush and the "War On Terror" in the parking lot, and focus on learning the ways of Akido.

Always though remembering what another sensei I studied at ended each class with:
Right closed fist means war, left open hand means peace. We always strive to put peace over war

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