Monday, August 09, 2004

Daily Report

All Systems Go for August 29th

The last two pieces of the puzzle for the August 29th rally and march in NYC are in place.

I got the day shift at my job at FedEx off and sent out the check for reserving a seat on the bus

Free Speech--Occupation Style

The Agence France Presse reports that Iraq's caretaker government has ordered the independent Arabic news network Al-Jazeera to close its office for 30 days.

This decision follow a report from Donald Rumsfeld accusing Al-Jazeera and the similar Al-Arabiya network of harming the image of the US.

Afghanistan's Future--Decentralization Or Civil War?

The Power and Interest News Report looks at Afghanistan's history and other factors and concludes that the country will be plagued by "Chronic Instability"

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