Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Back!

5 years to the day that Bush turned the hunt for Bin Laden into a quest for a new American Empire. "The Next War" is back!

I'm amazed at the progress that the Anti-War/Anti-Imperialist movement has made in just the last two years, much less five. We've unraveled a machine of fear that Bush and the rest of the "War Party" though they could use to keep Americans scared little "Sheep". We've built a "micromedia" to counter the "Sheepdog Media" of AM-Radio and it's cable news affiliate. We brought the light of truth to the lies of war.

And we stand on the threshold of doing what the anti-war activists of a generation ago could not. By the power of the people, we can bring an end to a war of Empire.

I hope you folks all like the new look--I have a few more things to add yet(a lot of old writings, etc) and may soon have a YouTube channel for this site as well.

Let's just hope that come Jaunary 2009, we'll be the ones who can say--mission accomplished.