Saturday, August 11, 2007

Candles In The Darkness

One of the things that Bush and the "War Party" rely on to keep their "Sheep" in line is fear, and despite efforts of sites like Air America and this 'Blog, that climate of fear is still hanging around. Congress's decision to renew FISA and the ever growing tide of xenophobia that has even reached my area.

But on August 5th, I had the honor of seeing a powerful antidote to that fear--hope. Harrisburg PA hosted the 29th annual "Candles On The Water" event; this event, intended to commemorate the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. What makes Harrisburg's unique is that it features children and youth as the main speakers:

After hearing these young people speak with wisdom and conviction, we took our "Lantern Boats", made by young people and headed to the Susquehanna River to send them on their way:

As I headed back to my house, I realized all this. Yes we still in a country that is still very much ruled by fear, but there's hope for this crazy place yet. . .

Photography By James D'Angelo