Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Day Of Action

At this time yesterday, I was on a bus on my way back from Washington DC, where I joined thousands of other activists, including friends from the Turn Left web site to give Congressional Democrats a reminder of who the people who helped put them into power.

This trek began in York PA in the parking lot of a plaza. From there the buses took us not into DC, but to a suburban train station. We purchased tickets and boarded the "M", DC's mass transit system to head to where we were to gather to rally.

After a delay in meeting my friends from "TL", highlighted by the contact talking to me on his cell phone as he was walking towards me, I met people that until that time were little more than names on a screen.

We then heard a variety of speakers rally the masses; among them Dennis Kucinich, Maxine Waters, Lt Watada's family, Jesse Jackson, and a twelve-year-old girl who got some of the biggest applause. With words like "Impeach Bush"(Which I'm opposed to), "Books Not Bombs", and "Bring them Home" ringing in our ears, we set off on the route.

The route was not the one that was on the UFPJ web page, but did take us past the Senate building, where we chanted "Hey Senate, don't you get it", the Library of Congress (I think), and oddly enough the National Museum of The American Indian.

We had our small flock of "Bushsheep" which lead to the only "personal loss" of this event--my pail I was using as a drum:

no I didn't hit one of them over the head. They're already brain-damaged if they can't see that their cause is a lost one. Then again, their "Shepherd" can't seem to see this.

I did have a lot of fun meeting my fellow TLers and friends, and met people from all over the east coast; Maine, North and South Carolina, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, and a few others. I found out that a group from a local college had made the trip and a person from one of the military groups was from a nearby town.

One thing about ANSWER not being a major part of this rally was we didn't have as many "fringe groups". There were a few revolutionary groups there, but not as many as when ANSWER was staging rallies.

All and all a good day. As for the pail, I may turn it into a kind of collage by covering it with stickers I get at other rallies, etc.