Friday, January 26, 2007

The 11th Hour

In less than 11 hours, I'll be on a bus from York PA to Washington DC to remind Congress that it was people like me that put them into power.

I have my sign made, will be bringing a camera to take pics and even have a noisemaker in the form of a large metal pail that was used to hold a Christmas present. I'll be meeting also with some friends from a progressive web community.

It'll be interesting to see the tone of this event. Four years ago we came to DC as basically insurgents; marginalized by a "war media", branded as "communist dupes", and seen by many as "unpatriotic". We also seemed to be incapable of becoming a political voice, as the 2004 elections showed.

But something happened, people were listening, and events in Iraq and elsewhere made people realize that we had a point. A strategy set up by a man who was catapulted into the political spotlight by a "net roots" model and basically turning the 2006 election into a referendum on Iraq lead to a seismic shift in power.

So I return to DC, perhaps a bit triumphant.