Friday, November 10, 2006

Now What?

Once in awhile at FedEx Ground, I get let out of work early in order to conserve time. When this does happen, I find myself asking myself "Now What?". Usually I play around on my computer, read, listen to music or even watch TV.

Well now Congressional Democrats, who find themselves in power in part due to the work of a sort of "Net Roots"(MoveOn, etc), need to answer that same question.

And in the spirit of the holidays; I present a kinda of "Wish List" for the Congressional Democrats.

To start with; I realize that, while "Grassroots Democrats" provided much of the impetus for this resurgence, many of the new Senators and Representatives are more close to the "Third Way". But I'm sure that they realize that it was the "Net Roots" that got them where they are. Also, what happened to Sen. Lieberman in his primary could easily happen. But I also think that Democrats need to show that they don't require the same "FlockStep" mentality that the GOP requires.

To start with, I believe some sort of real investigation of the intelligence that lead us into war with Iraq needs to be conducted. There are many on my side of the fence that are crying for Impeachment. But, to me, that makes Democrats look vindictive and spiteful. But bringing the lies that Bush used to scare Americans and Congress into the light would be a good first step.

With the American people fully aware of this, forcing Bush and his "War Party" to set up some sort of time table for withdrawal from Iraq would be a logical second step. At least set up a few targets that would lead in time to American forces leaving Iraq as a stable democracy.

With this done, perhaps restoring some civil liberty to America would work. Many provisions of the PATRIOT Act seem to many like they're more directed at dissenters and critics than terrorists. A kind of fusion of Nixon's "Enemies List" and COINTELPRO, with a bit of McCarthyism mixed in. Not to mention the attacks on the rights that those accused of crimes have. Legislation to repeal or at least rescind
some of the more problematic portion of these laws would likely pass with ease.

The economy was another issue that cost the GOP their majority. The gap between Wall Street and Main Street has been growing wider and wider, there is an near-epidemic of "underemployment" im America. Perhaps an effort could be made to legislate a "living minimum wage", or some other way means to deal with those trapped in the "McEconomy". How to pay for this? Repeal many of the tax breaks Bush gave to his CEO and other wealthy contributors.

There are many other things that could be done. True Energy independence, that relies on conservation and alternative source development as opposed in increased drilling and working to restore America to the world community would be ideas to consider.

Oddly enough, I'm reminded of what happened to Peyton Manning after he broke Dan Marino's single-season touchdown record. He had no time to celebrate is feat--he needed to line his team up for a conversion. Democrats can't really celebrate what they've done--they have to Country to fix.