Sunday, December 11, 2005

Gifts Of Dissent

Well, it wasn't the HSS that slowed me down--it was FXG (FedEx Ground). We got stuck on "Peak Hours". On the plus side, Friday was a "Snow Day" for me as I ran out of hours and got to see Good Night, and Good Luck, the flim about Edward R Murrow's efforts to bring Sen. Joe McCarthy's reign of fear to an end. I managed to find parallels to the current climate of fear and noticed that there's no Murrow figure in the CEO media at least. This lead to a commentary I submitted to a local "Peace and Justice" paper.

I also managed to do some of my Christmas shopping over the weekend, at least getting the wrapping paper, etc. You see, I make a lot of my presents on the computer.

One example is what I made for my Aunt's friend, who acts like a sister to my Aunt and by extension acts like an Aunt to us! I took some of the pictures I and my Aunt at Eyes Wide Open and made them into a small (18 page) book.

This isn't the first time I've given gifts of dissent. Two years ago, I took pictures I took at a rally in Washington DC, and some pics from Mica Wright's "Propaganda Remix Project" and made a calendar.

Also, it looks like this coming Saturday or Sunday, that some activists and I may be getting together on-line to see about re-activating an old progressive site.

A lot on the plate!

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