Monday, December 19, 2005

Everything Old. . .

The original idea was for me to do a list of articles about the Iraqi election from more "unapproved sources"(like Common Dreams and The Nation).

But a comment my aunt made about a comment a friend made about a picture someone took of me at "Eyes Wide Open" got me to thinking.

My friend had said "I looked like a hippie with those sandals", and my Aunt bascially said, "Well you are".

But I don't see myself as one. I don't think I look like one or the "Anarchists" either. What I think has happened is that the "War Media", and especially the "Sheepdog Media" (AM-Radio and FOX News) have created and propogated a stereotype to sway opinion against those of us who oppose war and empire.

Now I will admit that the people who opposed Vietnam and the Cold War do provide this new anti-war movement with a "Brain Trust" of sorts, but it's folks like me that are merging the technology of today with their experiences.

Next War--06

Problem when you work at a shipping company during Christmas, you get a lot of work.

So I haven't had the time to update this as much as I'd like.

Hopefully after the holidays, this will change and I can start working on the 2006 version of "Next War".

I think the site will be more "commentary driven", with some feeds from sources like The Nation Common Dreams, and maybe Al-Jazera. I hope to clean up the links a bit, including adding some of my favorite posts and I may even allow comments again (I think there's a way I can approve them and thus prevent "Sheep Droppings")

But that's for another day.

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