Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Fall Of Gilead?

OK, let's get the big question out of the way 1st. I'm up so early because I'm going to a local peace group's annual conference. I hope to learn some ideas and network a bit.

That being said I recently completed Handmaid's Tale, a book set in an America that is a lot, IMHO, like Talabain Afghanistan. Now that fact that I see America becoming some lighter form of the America in the book made reading it all the more interesting.

What was more interesting was the end notes, which were historical background given in the form of a future conference on the book itself. The weird thing was that I got the impression that this "American Theocracy" fell.

So I wondered, how did this happen? And the answer I came up with is one that I could see happening now as we continue to seem to be playing the imperialist role.

Basically, this "Republic of Gilead" becomes a kind of global pariah, much like S. Africa under Apartheit, countries refuse to invest or deal with us. Now in the book, it seemed that the only business America engaged in was--war (sound familar). Eventually pressure builds from the world at large and the government falls.

So how does this tie into our current state. Simple, who's to say that the world won't start isolating us economically should we continue to pursue empire. With how much we import, we'd find ourselves in quite a spot.

Fashion Statements?

Out of the mouths of (Bush)sheep can come ideas.

One of the posters on Ted Rall's Yahoo commentaries, who seems to have a very myopic view of things, may have put an idea into my head, one that could actually enable this site to grow rather than shrink.

With his fixation on money and profit, he's somehow put the notion into my head to take some of the pictures I've taken an put them on merchandise!

I've got at least one that I believe would make a nice shirt, etc:

and maybe some of the pics I took from Kent State, or the rallies in DC and NYC might work as well.

And then what about some of my anti-war poetry?

Hey--I've worked hard on this page. Why not see if it can work a bit for ME!

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