Saturday, September 24, 2005

We Keep Coming

I can imagine that many people in Washington DC are getting a bit tired of anti-war/anti-imperialist protestors coming to town at what seems like quarterly intravels.

Now I was in DC for a rally in 2003, and it seems that most of the people are on our side. But I can also see that the citizens may be tired of having streets blocked off and traffic jams.

But I think we'll keep coming, as long as Bush continues to try and pursue a policy driven by neo-imperialists. A policy that will likely continue to fuel the fires of terror and leave a path of civil war, or worse, theocracy.

Alas, I'm not gonna be in DC. But I'll be making a stand of sorts in Lancaster PA, when I go and see an exhibit put on by the American Friends (Quakers).

Then I hope to edit some of the pics I take and splice the "Mission Accomplished" pic into those and make a visual statement.

To those in DC(and elsewhere)--stand tall, walk proud; more and more people are seeing past the fear and the lies that Bush and his "Sheepdogs" have fed the people. It's all a matter of getting enough people to say--"Enough!"

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