Sunday, September 25, 2005

Among The Fallen

In perfect world, I'd be sitting here at my keyboard doing a report of my latest visit to Washington DC for the rally.

Alas, we live in world where people get into car accidents, need to buy a new car and have their insurance premium double. But that didn't keep me from making a stand of a sort.

The American Friends Service Committee had their "Eyes Wide Open" exhibit come to Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster PA:

After some initial confusion, I managed to find my way to the actual exhibit:

To start with, they had a small exhibit to remind us of the Iraqi civilians killed by the coalition bombings. I don't think this exhibit had anything to remember those who have been killed by the insurgents that this war has unleashed:

But the main point was a sea of combat boots, designed to represent those killed in Iraq:

This part of the exhibit made me feel like I was walking through some sort of graveyard (another person there said I basically was). All I could think of was "who were these people"? I should've asked my folks if anyone from my home area was among these boots.

But the most heart-wrenching part was when a little girl asked her dad "Why are all those boots there?"

The answer "Because They Aren't coming back"

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