Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Daily Report--June 1, 2005

Here Today--Tomorrow ?

I just want to apologize for the sporadic posts to this. My job search is picking up steam for some reason. I don't have anything tangible to report and I may look at doing this as a weekly site.

US Loosing Grip On Iraq Political Process

The Financial Times reports that some diplomats in Iraq believe that the US has lost control of the political process in Iraq.

US Lacks Troops in Key Region

Knight-Ridder Newspapers reports that US forces in the badlands of Iraq lack the troop strength to hold onto territory they take from insurgents.

Latinos Losing Interest in Enlisting

Common Dreams reports that according to Anti-War Activists, Latino youth are loosing interest in joining the US Armed Forces.

Almost %15 of casualities in the war in Iraq have been Latinos, according to the article.

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