Sunday, May 29, 2005

Weekend Special(5-29)

Site Updates

Since I was away at my Aunt's house last week, I didn't have time to do a weekly update. I did mananage to fine a few new sites though:

I also have replaced the archives with a "Last ten posts" list.

Giving Back

In August of 2004, I joined with about 500,000 opponents of war and empire in New York City. Yesterday, I paid back the group from Lancaster PA that arranged the trip.

They're trying to get a storefront to be a base of operations. I think it's important that this movement take root and show strength in "flyover country". Help show that this movement is more than just urban people and what my Aunt's friend calls "Little Hippie Towns". To raise the money, they did a garage sale.

My contributions were both merchandise, in the form of some old computer books, and time. I helped price merchandise and even helped a woman move a few chairs.

When I left, it looked like we were doing good business. I just hope they succeed.

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