Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spring Cleaning

To start with, I came down with a case of the sleepies this week. For some reason I just couldn't get the engines to fire, and with a lot of jobs to search for and send resumes to (I'll be calling about a job with a coalition of NYC Hotel-Affiliated Unions once I get off-line), I haven't been able to update.

Tomorrow I was supposed to go home for Easter, but some delay in settling my claim will have me going to my Aunt's for Easter dinner. I'm still taking the day off to clean house. With that freed up I'll likely do some spring cleaning on the site.

I plan on making sure links are still live, re-linking things (the Rall article on Reagan), and adding some of my anti-war poetry (yes I have many talents).

I also hope to redo the layout again so that links don't pop-up on a separate page and add a way for you folks to comment on posts.

I also hope to officially start work on "New Patriot", the resistance site I've talked about before.

Come back on Monday and see what I've done with the place.

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