Thursday, December 30, 2004

Slowdown Notice

I still consider myself "underemployed", and January is a month where that really takes it toll on my blogging.

It's a busy month for RGIS, the inventory company I work for. That means a lot of early mornings, and with a new position at FedEx that may keep me there longer, blogging may have to give a bit.

I may look into doing a kind of "News of the week" for awhile.

Finally, I do hope to launch a scaled-down "New Patriot" in January. The full version would hopefuly go live on March 18th or 19th.

I do hope that this is the year that people see the disaster that this "War On Terror" is becoming and use the energy I saw this past you to work toward electing candidates who will work to guarantee a peaceful future.

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