Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Daily Report

New Missions

I hope to start work on a scaled-down version of "New Patriot" after the holidays, with an intended launch date of January 24th, 2005.

But there may be more agitation in store for me. I was asked to assist the local Catholic Worker House in re-doing their web page, and may be involved in arranging a kind of "arts slam" for either March 19th or sometime in May.

Monkey Artist Gets Billboard

The photo mosiac of Bush that was made up of monkeys has been turned into a giant billboard in New York City.

Bush Authorized Torture?

The ACLU revealed documents that suggest that Bush authorized inhumane interrogation methods; among them sleep deprivation, stress positions, and sensory deprivation.

Truth Winning Out

Common Dreams reports that a majority of Americans no longer see the Iraq war as worth fighting and that approval ratings of Bush and Sec. Rumsfeld have dropped as well.

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