Thursday, December 16, 2004

Daily Report

Scaling Back

I may need to scale back "New Patriot" a bit. I drew up a template for a temporary site that would lack the database capabilities.

This would allow me to work on the database-driven version, which I may launch in March. On another note, the idea of a kind of "Arts Slam" on March 19th will be proposed Sunday to the Harrisburg Chapter of Food Not Bombs.

A Plea For Help

Last year, I managed to find a list of Violent/Non-Violent toys. I saw a link to an upcoming NPR piece on video games.

If anyone knows of lists of toys, please E-Mail me

McCain Speaks Out

John McCain, in an interview, gave Donald Rumsfeld a vote of "No Confidence".

He did, though argue for more troops instead of a pullout.

War Costs May Approach $100 Billion

Common Dreams reports that the Administration plans to ask for up to $100 billion to fund the "War On Terror".

Rights Group Calls Rumsfeld out On Deaths

Common Dreams reports that the group Human Rights Watch has evidence of two more deaths of prisioners in coalition custody, and calls for an investigation of a third.

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