Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Daily Report

New Patriot Update

I'm still hoping to launch this page in some form in January. It may not have a domain of it's own, or be database powered to start with, but it will be up and running in some form or another.

More Torture Revealed

Mock "executions" and electric shocks are among the cases of abuse documented by the Navy and Marines, and released by the ACLU, so says Yahoo's news service.

Democracy Now on New Intel Bill

Democracy Now takes a closer look at the new Intelligence Bill.

Bush Disdain Extends to Americans?

The Houston Chronicle reports that citizens of France, Spain and Germany, all leading opponents of Bush's war on terror, are now more likley to have unfavorable opinions of American.

Another One For The 'What Freedom Of Expression' File

Common Dreams reports that an artist's portrait of Bush that upon closer view is a mass on monkeys was removed from an exhibit in New York City.

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