Saturday, October 23, 2004

Saturday Special

Today was a most unusual day. I had plans to finish House Of Bush--House Of Saud a book that details the links between these two dynasties on my way home from Reading, PA. Why was I in Reading; because my parents we participating in a bowling tournament there.

Well plans changed as I found myself driving from the lanes, to the hotel my parents were staying at, to my Aunt's house in Lancaster, PA for dinner. While there my dad mentioned that while he supported our actions in Afghanistan, he opposed the Iraq war.

I gotta admit I was much the same way. I rememeber the Friday after 9-11 seeing some people urging "Justice Not War". My comment to my fellow lunchers was; "I may not agree with what they're saying, but I respect their right to say it." That was before I saw Bush getting ready to use the attacks to start a new "Cold War", or at least a new age of American Imperialism.

Approximately a year later, I may have found myself standing side by side with many of those same protestors on a peace walk. Why I remeber this approximately was that it was the day after Paul Wellstone's plane crashed and that it was the day of the Ohio State-Penn State football game.

I wonder if Bush had stuck to Afghanistan if I'd be doing this site (likely, as I remember that we virtually ignored the Taliban), or would have found out a lot of the stuff I've found out about now (PNAC, House Of Bush. . . , etc). Of course, would there the kind of movement we've seen? Would there be a MoveOn, Act For Change, True Majority, etc? Would books like Hegemony Or Survivial, Blowback, or House Of Bush--House Of Saud, have even been published?

We may never know. Of course, did 9-11 even need to happen?

Sorry for the "Brain Dump", for I should have House Of Bush finished tomorrow and will do a review.

New Patriot Update
This idea continues to take shape. I should soon begin to set up the databases and start the wheels turning. I also downloaded a program the generates .swf(Flash) files but doesn't use Flash. I have 15 days to work through some tutorials and may even try a demo of my own. Hopefully by then, I'll have the $50 to buy the thing saved up.

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