Sunday, October 05, 2003

The Straw Is There For The Grapsing

Things are not looking well for Bush and the rest of the "War Party", as the evidence so far seems to be pointing to a lack of WMD's. On NPR today, David Kay was basically trying to spin his findings in a way that makes the war seem justified.

But all may not be lost for the "War Party". AM-Radio/FOX News nation sees hope in a report from Kuwait that a cache of WMD materials was intercepted from Iraq. Of course there are still questions, one of them being can the Kuwati state media be trusted; but do the people salivating over this report care. It seems to me that these people may be looking for anything that can give any justification for an invasion that violated international laws, and an occupation that has cost money, lives and may actually be making the situation worse.

The fact that the Corporate Media hasn't picked up on this is also interesting. Perhaps they have learned from the other "Smoking Guns" that have been little more than hot air. Of course, after these stories don't suit the CEO's agenda, they tend to fade out and it's up to the [progressive]"Alternative Press" to reveal that the evidence didn't suit the agenda of the corporate master.

Of course, I still see a lack of heat from the Democratic candidates, especially the "Anti-War" candidates; Kucinich, Dean and Clark. There's been some noise from Congress, but not enough yet.

If this find does check out, it may not be the vindication for Bush and the "War Party". There are still questions that opponents can and should ask.

All I know is that things may get very interesting here, and this site will do what it can to provide some of the info that Bush and the corporate media doesn't wish us to know!