Saturday, August 23, 2003

Saturday Special

Being any sort of dissenter in these times can be dangerous! One need only look to the Dixie Chicks to see what can happen if one dares to question Bush or the "War On Terror".

I'd like to think I've done a good job keeping my views quiet on the job at least. I did make mentions to my disagreement with Bush and the "War On Terror" at the plasma center I was donating at, and my opinions slipped out in casual conversations on a few occasions.

But now I fear I may have backed myself into a corner. An exhibit of art for "Peace and Justice" closed today; complete with three pretty good musicians or groups. Another part of the ceremonies was an "open mike" poetry reading. I didn't have anything to read when I arrived, but I had my PDA with me, as I planned on doing my grocery shopping. While listening to other readings, I got a burst of inspiration. On my PDA I wrote the following words:

Peace Over War

Right clenched fist
the rage of a people,
in the grasp of a leader
whose only desire
is to leave a legacy
of blood.

Left open hand,
urging the people to
and ask the questions
that those in power
don't want us to ask

I then asked to read the work and the host obliged. I didn't realize that there was a reporter from a local paper at the

For the first time since I began this trek down the path of dissent, I'm scared. I wonder what will happen to me at the jobs I work should my name be mentioned. I'd have to basically work under a "zero tolerance" policy, as the slightest mistake could be grounds for termination.

The dojo I used to study at may not take too kindly to my dissention either. The head instructor I believe has military experience and most of the students and instructional staff are solidly in the Bush camp. I'd like to resume my studies of aikido, but I may not be let back in.

Maybe my aunt and my dad are right. I've been playing with fire and I may finally get burned.