Friday, August 29, 2008

How Far We've Come

Funny how time flies, Four years ago, I awoke at some ungodly hour of the morning to meet at the Catholic Worker House In Harrisburg. I had a backpack full of frozen water bottles, sunscreen, and "bust cards" I had made.

Our destination--New York City, the site of the 2004 Republican National Convention. I remember a little about the bus ride--my newspaper getting scattered into a dozen sections (I don't think I ever did get the comics section back), and there as two-hour stretch where I was the only person awake, save for the driver. I also became a shuttle service for the "Harrisburg 4+1", as I took to calling us, getting us to Lancaster PA.

The march itself was a true hike--32 blocks, 8 miles, in 90 degree heat. I've often wondered how many of the 750,000 people who were estimated to have participated actually finished the "course".

What was odd was that while we did fail on one level, Bush did win his 2nd term. We succeeded in another, Bush and the GOP were unable to "shatter" us like what had happened a generation ago. We kept our e-mail and IM lists together, updated our 'Blogs and our podcasts, and in 2006, finally broke through the fear a bit.

Now, four years later, we stand ready to strike another blow against the "War Party". Of course the hard part will be the rebuilding of the rubble that Bush has left behind--but after what I've seen the anti-war/anti-imperialist movement become over the last four years, and maybe over the last 8. I'm impressed.

In 1986--my College Alma Mater's football team went 2-9. Five years later, they paraded a National Championship trophy through Downtown.

Anything is possible with time and determination. . .