Sunday, April 06, 2008

The American Intervention

"My country, right or wrong. . . is like saying 'My Mother, drunk or sober'"
G.K Chesterton
I can only speculate that this quote was written before we understood the nature of addiction as well as we do now. As today, many folks would see that danger of their Mother being drunk and arrange for an intervention to get her sober.

But to do that, someone had to point out the "elephant in the room" first. And that was what we in the anti-war/anti imperialist movement did. And we experienced resistance and denial. Mainly from those who stood to gain from keeping the country drunk on empire.

But we eventually "got through" to people. Now I admit that we haven't quit been fully heard, and that needs to be worked on, but recovery is a long and complex process.

And there are still deniers, the GOP is hoping that there are enough of them in America to let a platform of "Stay the course" win the day. This may only more deeply show the degree of denial that the "BushSheep" possess of the reality of the situation.

But if America has fully "wised up", there the matter of getting the country sober. Empire, much like any addiction, can leave quite a trail, one that may take time to travel. It will be a marathon, not a sprint.

"My country, right or wrong"--yes. When right, to make sure it stays on the right path (even if it not the right's path). When wrong, to be redirected and set back on track.