Sunday, May 27, 2007

Upon Further Review?

No, I have not been declared an "Enemy Combatant" or anything like that. I've just been--busy.

But I did hear about the War Funding Bill(V2.0) that passed Congress and I don't quite know where I personally stand on this.

Originally this was to be an article likening Bush to Paris Hilton. That's to say a spoiled brat who threw a tantrum when Congress threatened to take away his allowance and the parents got scared of what the neighbors[AM-Radio/Fox News] would think.

Next thought was the idea of Bush as the "Playground Bully" who when the rest of the kids try to stand up to him, he says he'll get his "boys" [AM-Radio, etc again] to "get them back".

Now I'm sure you see a pattern here. The same "Climate of Fear" that Bush had so much of America under may not have fully broken, at least not in Congress. But likely that %28 or so of Americans who support Bush and the War are likely the most truly brain dead of the "BushFlock"--the "Free Republic" types who have swallowed so much of the "BushSwill" from AM-Radio, FOX News(?) and apocalyptic preachers. Basically they're the folks who are too far gone and beyond help.

But could there be another side to this. This was a "supplementary bill" designed to fund the "War On Terror" until September, when the 2008 budget will be up for debate. If the Democrats were to, as John Edwards suggested, keep submitting the same bill, its possible that our soldiers would run out of money at some time and that would really give the "Sheepdogs" of AM-Radio and it's cable news affiliate something to chew on.

Could the Democrats have decided to "pick their battles" and wait for the big fight? If that be the case then we who oppose war and empire need to remind the Democrats that we're the folks who got them into power. We need to "keep the heat" on and make sure that come September that we get a bill passed that at least includes clearly defined and unbreakable "checkpoints" that force Bush to define "finishing the job", perhaps tie those checkpoints to funding.

Am I angry that the Democrats "knuckled under" to Bush and likely his "bunker mates", yes. But anger can be effective if turned into action.

FNB 2.0--Takin' It To The Web

Anyone who's been reading this site for awhile may remember my volunteer time with a group called "Food Not Bombs" that had a chapter in Harrisburg, PA for a few years.

When the college kids who made of the "base" of this group graduated, the group disbanded. Well, we're back! Maybe even better than ever. And come June, they'll have a webpage--courtesy of yours truly!