Saturday, September 23, 2006

An Eye For An Eye

Yesterday, a grim milestone in the "War on Terror" was reached. The number of soldiers killed fighting "Global Terror" now equals the number of civilans killed on 9-11.

Of course, those numbers don't count the thousands of civilians in Iraq, etc that have been dubbed "collateral damage", or those killed in the sectarian violence that has erupted.

But the two oddest things about this are that most of the deaths have taken place during the occupation as opposed to the actual invasion. Obviously some people forgot the tribal histories of places like Iraq, or we too busy being good "BushSheep" to say anything.

And the fact that so most of the deaths have taken place in Iraq, which we invaded based on lies and half-truths. You would think that people would, in light of the evidence, be turning out in droves to vote out those in BOTH parties responsible and put candidates committed to working with the rest of the world into power.

But Bush's "SheepDogs" on AM-Radio and it's cable affiliate have managed to keep enough of the "Flock" in line with a campaign of lies and fear.

But more and more folks are asking the tough questions, and I can only hope in November that enough of them realize what the answer is.