Monday, May 01, 2006

New Look--Same Mission

A few years ago, Bush stood on a aircraft carrier and declared "Mission Accomplished". Since then we have watched Iraq become a country on a perpetual brink of sectarian civil war and global terrorism continue to rise.

We've also seen in light of this more and more people start to ask questions that Bush and his media allies can't seem to answer adequately. The reality that opponents of this "War on Terror" aren't all dupes or "Angry Young People" has also given more and more people courage.

But there is still work to do. There's the matter of turning all of this criticism into an electoral movement that can remove pro-war and pro-imperialist officials and replace them with people committed to getting America to work with the world as opposed to acting as an imperialist bully.

It is in this spirit of needing to do more work that I present the new version of "Next War". You'll notice a new menu-based navigation system; one of the few "bleatings" I took to heart was that this site seemed to be more a "page of links". Also, somehow this page went from a news site to a commentary page, and, unlike many of the "BushFlock", I see evolution as a good and perhaps necessary thing. The fact that the media area was getting a bit complex added to the need to streamline the navigation process.

There are some sites that for now are lost in the transfer, but many of those will be re-inserted as time goes on. But ANSWER is gone for good; this group which was one of the first to stand in opposition to this war, has become a kind of albatross for the movement, and may have done more harm than good in providing fodder for Bush's "Sheepdog Media".

There are also some additions; Northern Sun, a store that caters to progressives, some audio commentary from the August 2004 anti-RNC march, and a few of my favorite and best commentary all join the site.

I've still got some work to do yet; my photo galleries, including the pics I took at the "Eyes Wide Open" exhibit, the archives, and a few other cosmetic changes.

Also, since Blogger allows me to moderate comments, I can keep the truly "sheepish" comments out. So the comments stay!

Hope you enjoy the new look and the new attitude.

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