Monday, March 06, 2006

What's Next?

OK, for those of you expecting the annual "Site Upgrade that co-incides with the anniversary of the Iraqi Invasion, it isn't happening.

Seems that I'm gonna have guests that weekend, my Sisters are coming to town. So I also won't be able to attend any rallies, etc.

I've decided that the date for the "upgrades" will be May 1st.

What I hope to do is turn the site into more of a commentary page, and use some JavaScript I recently learned to automate the news gathering. I also hope to clean up the navigation and sort out a variety of sources I've found on-line.

Also, I'll soon be linked from another page; This Girl's Music, the musical arm of Haverstick Films. The woman behind "This Girl's. . ." was a kind of mentor for an Arts program I was in as a freshman in high school.

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