Monday, January 30, 2006

Poetry Corner

Printed with permission of the Author
Tap Tap Tap

Tap Tap Tap on my precious freedom…
Inherent authority can't take it away
Listen in with no statutory basis…
Defy the fourth amendment , some say

With your Pizza Hut, Kentucky fried listening…
Eavesdropping my grandmother’s gab
Now we torture in far away places..
No judicial review, with this tab.

Checks and Balances, they fall to the wayside
Lady Liberty left town with Unc Sam
And the martial law of the land here…
Resides on the President’s web cam.

Dare ye question the power, in wartime?
Poetic civil disobedient brat !
Yet, my constitution claims it unlawful
So just what do you think of that?

We now pay for great foreign stories
Mickey Mouse must have moved to Iraq
Newspapers slant fables of glory
While collecting those precious greenbacks

Tip the scales all you want, suit your favor…
Please allow this reminder of thought
Our country defines ….We the People…
A censure for much , can be sought.

By M. Peachbush

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