Saturday, November 19, 2005

Forgot One

I don't often let a sermon get to me, but I have my reasons.

The whole sermon was about the idea that children are the "Sheep" of the flock. Basically it was the basic rant against out pop culture, but the priest left something out. Is it possible that our youth are violent because they are fed a constant diet of war, especially with the [CEO] media basically enlisted in the war effort.

Now all is not lost, I take inspiration with the young[er] people I see at anti-war/anti-imperialist events, and the fact that many actors and musicians have stood up and spoke out further gives me hope.

But this is a personal matter for me, as I'm an uncle to a perpetual motion machine (trust me on this). So I see it as my personal mission to somehow keep this child from becoming a cog in the "war machine". As I see this "War on Terror" as a new "Cold War". Now there's a strong case that much of this "War on Terror" is a form of "Blowback" from the "Cold War" (Read House of Bush--House Of Saud, for more on this.)

And one sure way I can do this is with the gifts I buy for this child. I can give gifts that will make the child think, and hopefully make him immune to the "Sheepdog" media that will continue to goad the "flock" to war; books, crayons, etc. I can also avoid, "War toys" that make war seem heroic while ignoring the human toll that it takes, and instead give the child toys that will encourage the child to create, not destroy.

As the child grows, I can continue to urge this child on a path of peace, buying gifts from places like Syracuse Cultural Workers, that can impart on this child the values of tolerance, justice and peace.

Now I'm not gonna go all out on this. If my brother tell me to "lay off", I will.

Hey, this is the future I'm dealing with! He can be a cog in a war machine, or a tool for peace. Whatever path he chooses, I'll respect it. My dad (a Vietnam Vet) has respected my "path of peace"; I can do the same for my nephew.

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