Friday, November 04, 2005

Creeping Ideas

A got a lot of ideas creeping around in my head and a few may work their way into "The Next War".

To start with, I hope to learn some more SMIL/TIME and be able to do a "MicroMedia" venture. This would be commentary from sources like Nation, CommonDreams, etc, and my own thoughts.

Then there's this idea I have for learning an "Alternative" Shockwave tool called SWishMax, with this I could make some unique "Mulitmedia" presentations.

Of course, this would all likely require me to move this 'blog out of BlogSpot and into a site of it's own (anyone for Or perhaps merge all of my "political" blogs into one area (AmericanAlliance?, NewPatriot?).

I figure I have a few weeks to work all this out!

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