Monday, October 17, 2005

Unite and Ignite

Well this was supposed to be a rant on how I believe that the [Corporate-Owned]media in America has become basically an arm of the "War Party", and how I see what Air America, the fledgling Independent World TV News, and even Al-Jazera are all examples of activists creating independent media (never mind that the Pacifica Networks have been doing this for decades).

Of course we also have 'blogs like this that managed to help bring Abu Gharib, the Downing Street Memo and many other stories that the CEO media tried to sweep under the rug.

But I have an idea of my own, to learn a multimedia langauage called SMIL (which I'm doing anyhow to make a 1st birthday card for my nephew) and do an on-line "MicroMedia" program called "Writing On The Wall". The title is a reference to a pic that a friend sent me:

The program would be a weekly look at the "War On Terror" from a more dissident view.

OK, now that I "Spilled the beans" on that. I'm also playing around with animated .gifs. My 1st one is gonna be pics I took at "Eyes Wide Open". I may post it here--I may not.

Just keep watching--OK

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