Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day Special--July 4th 2005

What, To an Activist is The 4th Of July

Today we celebrate America's Birthday. But we also celebrate one of the greatest acts of dissent in the history of the world.

229 years ago, a group of concerned citizens choose to take a stand against the imperial power of that time. They garnered support from other countries; including France and Germany, they built a network of dissent, and eventually found themselves in a revolt that would lead to the creation of a revolutionary idea--a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Alas, it seems that this country, in the eyes of many, has become the imperialist power of this time. Now put aside that history has shown that empires crumble or collapse under their own weight, but a new group of concerned citizens has emerged to fight this empire. They too have joined with the world, or the world has joined with them, and they too are building an ever-growing network of resistance.

Like the brave men who stood against England many lifetimes ago, these dissenters are paying the price in many cases for their actions. Though not nearly as steep, the dissenters of today face bravely the wrath of empire.

They face the same charge that was leveled against those who stood before against the powers of empire--Treason. It is a powerful tool to accuse someone of plotting against one country. The line between patriotism and nationalism is narrow one, and one that can be easily blurred to suit those in power. I'm sure that those who stood against slavery and segregation were also regarded by many as traitors.

But just as those brave men so many lifetimes ago triumphed and created a new nation, perhaps this new generation of dissidents can create a new world. A world where peace is the rule and not the exception.

As while the voices of empire dub us traitors, I believe in reality we are "New Patriots".

The Return

David Massengill
Noah was a rocket scientist.
In the year if our Lord, the Iron Fist
And everywhere was heard
the absence of the word
The earth was filled with violence and hate
But Noah would not give into fate.

Noah looked at his computer screen
He saw there something he had never seen
A message from above
Signed, from God with love:
You better build a giant rocket ship
And prepare to take a long, long trip

Gather up all creatures great and small
Those that fly and those that walk and crawl
And those that swim the sea
Include each kind of tree
Of every grain that on the earth you feed
Carefully lay in a store of seed

Of each living thing you must bring two
Both male and female, the old soft shoe
And though the skies are clear
I know the end is near
On second thought, you better make it three
To ensure each possibility

Noah, my friend, here we go again
Somewhere in space and time
You'll find a key to this home of mine

So Noah sent out a press release:
Last chance for the world to live in peace
When God plays pantomime
We're running out of time
The leaders of the world would not repent
And they all ignored his sad lament

So Noah quit his job and went to work
While the world went from bad to berserk
Just like the days of old
The center does not hold
But there were some who joined him in his quest
The stupid, the crazy, the dispossessed

He freed the animals from testing labs
His crew from New York city taxi cabs
And with a wanted ad
He found a launching pad
His rocket ship was built by many hands
And each pair from a different land

At last they were ready to embark
Noah raised his voice, " I dub thee Ark"
He aimed for a black hole
As he prayed for each soul
A meteor flew by as he looked back
He thought he saw a nuclear attack

Noah, my friend, here we go again
Somewhere in space and time
You'll find a key to this home of mine

Across the universe to yesteryear
Suspended animation was in gear
And when they all woke up
In need of a pick me up
After forty billion days and nights
You know a cup of java would be nice

Noah looked upon the vast immense
He felt within his being a sixth sense
The deeper that he flew
A sense of déjà vu
On to the second star to the right
And straight on until the morning light

Now when their course was nearly done
The third planet from the seventh sun
While circling the globe
Noah sent forth a probe
It came back a dove from Galilee
Holding the branch of an olive tree

So now we return to the first time
The sweet breath of a familiar clime
Noah picked up a leaf
Then he sighed in relief,
"In the eyes if the Lord we find grace
The end of our search for a birthplace"

Noah, my friend, here we go again
And somewhere in space and time
You'll find the key to this heart of mine

New Sites

Not too many this week, one's a "Alternative TV Network" the other is an attempt to build an "Alternative CNN"

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