Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Daily Update--July 19, 2005

Fresh Links

I stumbled on a few new links that I added to the menus. I'll soon be working on getting at least the media menu cleaned up a bit as that seems to be getting a bit unweildy.

Why Not?

I wish people would learn not to put ideas into my head. It only leads in many cases to trouble.

While at my Aunt's house this past weekend for dinner, she suggested I explore what she sees as my writing talents (this site is part of the rationale behind this notion).

I mentioned that I had, before I lost my job with the Commonwealth of PA that I had an idea for an article for Mother Jones on the role that some extreme right-wing groups play in funding the GOP. I still even have the pages of a book on contemporary fascism dog-eared.

I'm thinking that I could at least play around with the research and see if MoJo would think the article has legs. In the meantime, I'd see if a paper that a local "Peace and Justice" group prints may have interest in letting me submit some articles on such topics as how dependent my area's economy is on the military, what the racial and ethic breakdown of the area's military recruits is and maybe even a look at the new TV schedule.

It can't hurt to try--can it?

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