Friday, June 17, 2005

June 17 2005--Update


It's getting to be summer in Harrisburg and that means the annual Arts For Peace And Justice Exhibit. As the "War on Terror" has deepened, the tone of the art has become more and more crticial and dissident.

Last year, I had hoped to make a collage of the pictures I took at the Kent State Memorial and make those into a collage; alas, financial troubles and the cost of materials put that "on hold".

However, a new idea for entries has entered my mind. Take some of my poetry and submit them. Of course, there would be a twist! The poems would have pictures as backgrounds; I'd likely take a picture that a friend forwarded me as the background for How Many More?, and use my pictures from the rally I went to in Washington DC a few years ago as a background for my salute to the dissenters Democracy In The Streets.

More to follow.

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