Thursday, May 19, 2005

Daily Report

Another Day--Another 'Blog?

Got another 'blog in the pipes! Should the Senate "Go Nuclear", I'll be developing a 'blog called "American Wasteland", devoted to progressivism in this new era. The 'blog will be linked to a "sister page" to this one, and use that host's blogging tools.

Generals Offer Sobering View of Iraq

The New York Times reports that American Commanders in Iraq gave a sobering view of the status of the war in Iraq.

Difficulties in getting a police force assembled, and lack of confidence in the government were cited.

The Man In The Hood

Vanity Fair reports in detail of new claims of torture at the Abu Ghraib prison

Newsweek Was Right

The Nation has a letter that alleges that the practices that Newsweek rported are true. Including testimonails from prisioners.

AWOL Crisis Hits Troops

The (UK)Independent reports of a increase in soldiers going AWOL and that the numbers may be understated.

Mock Executions cited

The Los Angeles Times reports that an Iraqi detainee was ordered to dig his own grave as part of a mock execution.

The article also cites other similar incidents.

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