Sunday, April 24, 2005

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Radical Chic?

I've never thought of myself as "cool". I do remember a few times in High School being the first person to buy a CD, but I've always considered myself an independent thinker.

But according to some folks on my alma maters sports topic, my opposition to this war and Bush's imperial aims may have something to do with being trendy.

I see a few reasons for one why this could be. Rebels have always been cool; from the 'Flappers' of the 20's, to the 'Greasers' of the 50's, to the activists of the 60s that make up some of the backbone of this current movement, to the 'punks' of the '80s, to the 'Grungers' of the 90s, and now with the 'Hackers' among others. The fact that many musicians, especially in the 'Punk Revivial' or 'NeoPunk' genre, have come up in opposition to this war and its masters only furthers the case for the idea that this resistance is just kids rebelling.

But I don't see that so far. The young people I've met at rallies and through my work with Food Not Bombs seem committed to the cause of resisting empire. Now whether that stay that way isn't for me to make, but I'd like to think that more than a few will stay committed to resisting empire and war.

As for me. I don't think this opposition is a matter of being cool. I'm 30, so I'm kinda too old for much of the music and groups (well maybe not Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, and Bruce Springsteen). I actually think this is matter of another step of a process that started 15 years ago.

I'll discuss that later if there's enough interest.

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