Friday, April 01, 2005

Status Report

I've been a bit busy this week looking at and for cars. My settlement check from my accident came in and I'll soon be the owner of an '05 Saturn Ion-2.

It's a nice looking car and with 24/32 mileage, will not make many of Bush's contrubutors happy:) I gotta lease it, though, and that's 178/month for 48 months. I can keep a car clean and running for that long. The only real repairs I'd needed to do to the Taurus were to put an alternator in it and put wipers on.

Now, hopefully Monday I can start adding content again, and I've found a wonderful tool to assist me StumbleUpon. It's a kind of "Collaborative Browsing" tool that
allows members to rate and add sites. I've found a ton of great alternative media sites and other sources that will soon be filtered into this page.

Also, I hope to finally begin work on "New Patriot". I know you folks are tired of the delays, but with a computer failure and my car, something needed to give OK.