Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Daily Report

Random Thought

While driving to my job at FedEx, I passed a semi with a sticker that said "No aid and comfort to the enemy".

The problem is that if that truck is carrying any sort of petrochemical-derived product there's a good chance the oil to make it came from one of the leading supporters of terrorism in the world--Saudi Arabia

Source Wanted

YellowTimes.org, a site I frequently used as a source for this page, has suspeneded operations. If anyone out there knows of sites in the same vein, please drop me a line!

Spring Cleaning?

Look for some new changes and features to this page in the weeks to come. I hope to add some Google-based features and finally set up a navi menu of some sort.

The Next Iran?

The Washington Post reports that the Iraqis have managed to elect a government that is far from what Bush had in mind.

The top two parties are religious-based and close to Iran. As Rami Khouri put it in the Beruit Daily Star:

The idea that the United States would get a quick, stable, prosperous, pro-American and pro-Israel Iraq has not happened. Most of the neoconservative assumptions about what would happen have proven false.

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