Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The People Decide

I can not remember in my brief lifetime an election where there is more on the line. This country will either say "yes" to four more years of fear, empire, and war, or repudiate this and set itself back on a path towards becoming a member of the rest of the world.

I am proud to say I did my part, but I also think that no matter who wins, the country wins.

Since the Iraq Invasion, people have become more politically aware and active; a new progressive movement, based on resisting war and empire, has sprung up, challenges to the corporate media have been made, and at the same time the powers that be have used their financial might to try and keep thier "sheep" in line.

I see no reason why this shouldn't continue. The Nation seems to think that this new movement will continue on well past today, and I'm sure that MoveOn will either be making sure Kerry remembers that it was folks like them that put him over the top, or keeping the heat on Bush. Of course, the "sheepdogs" in AM-Radio and its cable news affiliate, will be either keeping thier "flocks" behind Bush or pressuring Kerry.

Should Bush win, I have plans to begin building "New Patriot", a kind of "progressive portal". Designed to allow those groups who will feel the heat of a second Bush regime to better unite behind what I see as a new "Back To Basics" movement that has opposition to war and empire as its engine.

It's only noon by my time here in central PA, so there's still time to vote. At least do that--OK.

Held Over From Yesterday

A Future On The Line

I guess you could say I had a pretty good weekend. My high school and college Alma Maters won thier football games, the Pittsburgh Steelers snapped New Englands 21-game winning streak in dominating fashion, and Ohio State beat Penn State.

Oh yeah--I'm also now an uncle. My kid brother and his wife had a baby boy, complete with a cool name!

This event to me means that tomorrow is more critical than ever. As my vote will set the course for much of the world that this kid will grow up in.

On one hand, he could find himself growing up in a climate of fear. In an America seen by many as an imperialist bully, where much of the policies are set by a cabal of religious fundamentalists, CEO's and neo-Imperialists. Where freedoms of speech are silenced either by law or by a mainstream media that is more and more a tool of corporations. He may at some point find himself being drafted to fight to maintain this empire, or be forced to deal with his children having to "take sides" in a new American Revolution.

The other future is a bit more hopeful. One where America, thanks to a new progressive movement, begins the long process of returning itself to it's status as a beacon of freedom. Where a person's vote counts more than a dollar. Where church and state are separated. Where America acts with the world, and not as a unilateral, pre-emptive imperialist. Where workers have a voice and long-term sustainability is placed over short-term profit. And where dissent is tolerated and dissenting voices can be heard.

Whatever happens tomorrow, this site will be going strong. Likely it will be part of a "Progressive Portal", dedicated to building a resistance to the odd coalition of religious and free-market fundamentalists, neo-imperialists, and other reactionary forces that currently control our country.

As Daniel Day-Lewis said in In The Name Of The Father:

I Will Fight On!

As I now have something to fight for.

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